Lachlan Murdoch rejects appeal to Oust Tucker Carlson after segment – Deadline

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch answered the Anti-Defamation League’s call for the ouster of Tucker Carlson, concluding that Fox News host was not advocating the “white replacement theory” in a segment last week.

But ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wonders how well the company did a “full review” of the room, in which Carlson was conversing with Mark Steyn.

In a letter to Greenblatt, dated Sunday, Murdoch wrote that they “respectfully disagreed” that Carlson was advancing the far-right conspiracy theory that elites were plotting to replace whites. by immigrants.

“A full review of the guest interview indicates that Mr. Carlson decried and rejected the replacement theory,” Murdoch wrote. “As Mr. Carlson himself said in the guest interview: ‘White replacement theory? No, no, it’s a question of the right to vote. “In the letter, Murdoch also noted,” Fox Corporation shares your values ​​and abhors anti-Semitism, white supremacy and racism of any kind. In fact, I fondly remember ADL honoring my father with your International Leadership Award, and we continue to support your mission.

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But Greenblatt didn’t buy it.

“As you noted in your letter, ADL honored your father over ten years ago, but let me be clear that we would not be doing that today, and that does not exempt you, him, the network or its board of directors for moral failure not to take action against Mr. Carlson, ”Greenblatt wrote in a letter in response to Murdoch.

He added: “With all due respect, Mr. Carlson’s attempt to reject this theory in the first place, while dying to endorse it under the guise of a ‘question of the right to vote’. », Does not give him the freedom to invoke a white supremacist trope. . In fact, it’s worse, because he’s using a straw man – the right to vote – to give underhand endorsement of white supremacist beliefs while ironically suggesting that it’s not really white supremacism.

He also questioned the extent of a “full review” of the segment, writing that “it seems the critics missed the gist here.”

The day after Thursday’s segment, Greenblatt sent a letter to Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News Media, telling her that Carlson had to “go.” In the letter to Scott and Murdoch, Greenblatt also pointed to other instances where he said Carlson sided with white supremacist ideology.

In the segment (watch it below), Carlson said, “I know the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter literally get hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement’, if you suggest the Democratic Party is trying to ‘replace’ the current electorate, voters now voting, with new, more obedient third world voters, ”Carlson said. “But they get hysterical because that’s what’s happening, actually. Let’s just say it: it’s true.

Carlson added that “at a fundamental level it is a question of the right to vote. One person equals one vote. If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there. So every time they import a new voter, I am deprived of my rights as the current voter. So I don’t understand what we don’t understand because, I mean, everyone wants to make it a race issue. Ooh, you know, the white replacement theory? No no no. It is a question of the right to vote. I have less political power because they import a brand new electorate. Why should I sit down and accept this? The power that I have as a guaranteed American from birth is a man, a voice, and they dilute it. No, they are not allowed to do this. Why do we put up with this? “

CNN made an initial report on the ADL letters.

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