LA Mayor Eric Garcetti is optimistic about pandemic on ‘Face The Nation’ – Deadline

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti today presented an optimistic assessment of the city’s efforts to fend off the Covid-19 pandemic on the CBS Sunday TV show. Face the nation.

When asked if he fears a “fourth wave” of infections, Garcetti said: “Hope is really on the horizon. I haven’t felt this optimism for 12 months. He estimated that “between half and two-thirds of our population now has antibodies, either due to exposure to COVID-19 and vaccination. The context is therefore very different from that of the openings last July or openings did not take place in December. “

Asked by moderator Margaret Brennan whether two variants of concern, B.1.427 and B.1.429, may indicate the city is opening up “too quickly, too soon”, Garcetti once again leaned into optimism.

“Well you never know, but you have to follow the data and the data is very clear, if we were a state right now we would have the second lowest positivity rate. And our state of California right now, I think, has the third lowest case rate in the country. I believe some of these variants burned down in Los Angeles. This is the only way to really explain what happened in December and January when we still had the same level of closures as a month or two ago and didn’t have that rate of cases.

Garcetti added, “It’s time to shake things up. It’s time to start our economy. It’s time to start kissing our loved ones again. And that certainly comes from getting a vaccine. “

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