LA city council moves towards sustainability of outdoor dining

Los Angeles City Council is working to make emergency al fresco dining caused by the pandemic a permanent feature of local life.

The council on Wednesday asked city agencies for reports on the pros and cons of LA Al Fresco, an outdoor dining program that was launched during the pandemic. The program allows restaurants and bars to expand their dining areas onto streets, sidewalks and parking lots to accommodate customers and maintain appropriate social distancing limits.

The approval process was also streamlined for the new outdoor dining areas and provided planters, barricades and umbrellas to catering establishments to create the outdoor dining areas.

The council voted 14-0 with an absence on a motion asking city agencies to publish reports on the LA Al Fresco program.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has backed the initiative and his 2021/2022 budget includes $ 2 million in grants for low-income neighborhood restaurants to create permanent areas for alfresco dining.

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