La Casa de Papel Season 5: The professor will die

It has been predicted that the Tokyo narrative (played by Úrsula Corberó) could indicate that she could replace the professor (Alvaro Morte) in La Casa de Papel.

Fans of La Casa de Papel will know how throughout the show so far, Tokyo has been narrating what has been going on. Which has made some wonder if he’s speaking from a future point of view.

If so, there are a number of suggestions as to what this could mean for the story.
An important theory about Tokyo’s narration in La Casa de Papel suggests that she might be telling the story of the robberies to the next generation of recruits.

But why does Tokyo tell him about it? It’s because she’s also training them for the upcoming heists. And this would be the derivative series that is in talks at La Casa de Papel.

This would also mean that Tokyo has taken on the role of the professor in La Casa de Papel, who has so far been behind training his recruits on how to complete heists.

Such a replacement could also have huge implications for her future at La Casa de Papel. If he died, this could explain how Tokyo could replace him in the future. With so many theories, it only remains to wait and see what twists the writers will surprise with.

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