La Casa de Papel comes with everything First images

The popular Netflix series, La Casa de Papel is nowhere to be seen with its next season, and some scenes have already been leaked.

One of the most important series for Netflix in recent years has been the Spanish production, La Casa de Papel, where a group of thieves plan the perfect “heist”, in order to become millionaires by stealing from the mint and paper house in Spain.

With four seasons already published, a new season will arrive in the coming months, which was paused in its filming due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however, as we reported a few weeks ago in Somagnews, these have already been resumed.

That is why some images have already begun to leak, where we can see the actors in a luxurious and expensive production in Portugal, where, in fact, the characters in their millionaire lives are seen, as they have finally achieved their master theft. .

In that sense, new images were filtered, where we see a part of the production and behind the scenes of this story.

Watch the video of the leaked scenes

Some actors, specifically Ursula Corberó, looks very happy to be recording again, so she is seen dancing very happily with other of her companions on the recording set.

The new season of this series, which in fact, will be the last season, as the robbery will finally come to an end, after having conquered Netflix, and all viewers, so in fact it is believed that the premiere of this fifth season will have the highest viewership record in a premiere for this series since its first season in 2017.

Do you like La casa de Papel? Do you think this fifth season will come with everything? What are your theories about the end of this Netflix series? Tell us your answers in the comments.

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