Kylie Jenner’s company could be chasing away its employes

Kylie Cosmetics workers have expressed their discomfort at their working conditions. Some workers claim that Kylie Jenner’s company offers them very poor working conditions .

The celeb has become a businesswoman after starting her own makeup empire . With a large number of products and collections for sale, Kylie has gained popularity and sparked the interest of beauty lovers.

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But it seems that not everyone has benefited from the growth of Kylie Cosmetics , because the employees of the factory where these products are generated indicate that the treatment they receive is not ideal.

Among the complaints that have been most mentioned is the poor condition of the laboratory where they work, since they assure that it has no order, it is very small and it houses many people. On the other hand, it is said that employees work long hours and in return receive a very low salary .

As if that were not enough, the ingredients they use to make makeup products are said to have made several people sick, since in addition to the poor conditions in the factory facilities, they are also not given adequate equipment to protect themselves from the chemical residues and materials they use.

In another aspect, several employees point out that the managers in charge are extremely rude, even mistreating the personnel who work in the factory.

During Keeping Up With The Kardashians some scenes from this industry have been shown, but those who work here daily affirm that in reality the site only looks like that when it appears on television, as it is generally a neglected and risky site. Despite this, those in charge of the factory , ensure that they comply with state regulations and that there is nothing for their employees to worry about.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner recently announced their collaboration for a new makeup line for Kylie Cosmetics and the products are on sale now.

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