Kylie Jenner shocks with a beautiful green outfit

In true “The Grinch” style, Kylie presents what appears to be a preview of her new makeup collection

Lista para las fiestas, Kylie Jenner impacta con hermoso conjunto verde(INSTAGRAM)

The Halloween season is over, so the young and successful businesswoman, Kylie Jenner, has nothing left to do but focus on the next big holiday coming her way, Christmas, which we all know, is also a big fan, plus , which this coming season brings with it many sales for the socialite company.

Which is why, she decided yesterday, to share a couple of excellent photographs with the intention of giving a preview, on the subject that will cover her next makeup collection, and what we were able to rescue, for obvious reasons is that the clue is without a doubt: the color green.

And it is that, really this color takes over all the prominence of Jenner’s snapshots, since, both the walls, the floor, the accessories of the set, Kylie’s outfit, her nails, even her makeup, turns out to be of this color.

In addition, the model wrote in the footer of the publication the following text: “Can you guess the theme of my Christmas collection this year?” accompanied with a Christmas pine emoji and wide open eyes, “the revelation is coming tomorrow,” she concluded in her publication.

So clearly the users followers of the famous beauty industry mogul got quite creative, and commented on hundreds of possible solutions to Kylie’s questioning, however, the one that was repeated the most, and the one that we think makes the most sense, It’s that of “The Grinch.”

Yes, the green hairy character, from the film that bears the same name, released in 2000, who openly expresses year after year that he despises the Christmas holidays with all his being, but in the end the story takes a huge turn and this He ends up saving his town’s Christmas, we will tell you below why we think it is about him.

It turns out that the first clue we have is the color green, although it is also associated with the Christmas pines, we have that the color of the aforementioned character is green, in addition to the fact that both the armchair where Kylie constantly poses, the walls are completely covered by a green carpet, which closely resembles the skin of the aforementioned character.

Also, what else could it be? the theme is perfect with the times that are about to arrive, coupled with the fact that “The Grinch” is a character much loved by the general public.

But this is not all, let’s talk now about the impressive set that Kylie wears, which is a piece of haute couture, because the fabrics look of the best possible quality, as well as it looks very exclusive and elegant, because this textile piece it is full of glitter.

Being a two-piece set, the beautiful businesswoman shows us a little skin in her abdominal area, but that does not stop there, because the style of her blouse is with a pronounced heart, with a bow, and when wearing the high shoulder pads, they focus the audience’s full attention on that angle.

However, the set was complemented with a flirty tubed skirt, with a train, made with the same shiny fabric, in this peculiar shade, the detail is that the skirt has an impressive opening on one side, which causes the shapely legs of the model look in all its splendor, making millions fall in love.

The publication has gathered so far, 5.770 million likes, and it is to be expected that a Kylie publication reaches this huge number of “likes”, because she always seeks that her followers are happy to see her pose.

We can’t wait for it to be time to reveal the theme of your Christmas collection prepared for this year, we’ll see if we are correct.

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