Kylie Jenner: daughter Stormi returned home

It has not escaped anyone’s notice that Kylie Jenner was on the move in Paris in recent days! Indeed, the young woman went to France in relation to her brand Kylie Cosmetics!

Back in California, Sunday August 30, 2020, a nice surprise awaited the beautiful brunette! Indeed, on her door one could read: “Welcome home mom!” ”

A nice touch that Stormi’s mom, Kylie Jenner, took a picture of before sharing it via her Instagram story!


The day before, Kylie Jenner posted a beautiful photo of herself while in rue Saint Honoré, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. A shot that his fans loved! Indeed, the post in question already has more than 7 million likes on the social network!

Comments are also plentiful under Kylie’s post! Indeed, fans of Stormi’s mom have invaded the comments bar to compliment the beautiful 23-year-old brunette!

And for good reason, they loved the simple and effective outfit she wore on the shot! Indeed, in the photo, the beautiful Kylie Jenne is wearing a leather jacket, jeans, a crop top and boots! A look that was both simple and trendy at the same time that went terribly well to the young 23-year-old!

So we let you in turn admire the photo in question below! Stormi’s mom is to die for in this trendy and comfy look!

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