Kylie Cosmetics has released the collection for Christmas!

General alert! Via her social networks, Kylie Jenner has formalized the upcoming release of a new range of “Kylie Cosmetics”.

More and more of you are following Kylie Jenner’s daily life on her social networks! It must be said that her life in L.A is exciting.

For several years, the pretty brunette has lived in a sublime villa not far from those of her sisters. And obviously, nothing is too good for Kylie Jenner!

Being a multi-millionaire, the influencer also likes to have fun. It also owns multiple luxury cars.

And her huge dressing room is full of high fashion clothes that make her fans but also her haters green with envy.

Like a real mother hen, the influencer spoils her daughter Stormi immensely. On the Web, their duo is often all the rage!

Inseparable, mother and daughter therefore enjoy doing multiple activities together. For Halloween, they made the buzz by unveiling a brand new cookie recipe.

Unsurprisingly, their Youtube video has also accumulated millions of likes and comments in just a few hours. Class!


In just a few years, Kylie Jenner has built a real empire! To date, she brilliantly manages her many brands: “Kylie Skin”. But also “Kylie Cosmetics”.

And the star does not skimp on the means to delight her consumers. Surrounded by a great team, she always goes out of her way to advertise!

A few hours ago, Kylie Jenner made her followers happy. The cause ?!

On the Web, Kendall’s sister has formalized the upcoming release of a new range of “Kylie Cosmetics”. Between the pretty palettes, the lipstick kits, her admirers will be spoiled for choice. On your pallets!

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