Kunal Kemmu gives major goals to gym goers; Deadlifts 150 Kgs!

Kunal Kemmu gives major fitness goals (PC: Twitter)

Bollywood actor Kunal Kemmu shared a video in which he can be seen lifting 150 pounds of weight. He says it’s not about how much you lift, but how much you can lift it and not hurt yourself in the process.

Kunal posted the video on Instagram, doing a deadlift repetition with 150 kilos.

“150 kg! He is currently my only maximum rep on deadlifts. It is an exercise that I like a lot and that must be done well. Good form is paramount, especially when building strength and adding weights. Never practice. It’s not about how much you can lift, but how much you can lift it and not hurt yourself in the process, ”Kunal Kemmu wrote in the caption.

Kunal Kemmu said it took him two months of training to reach this weight. This is his sixth and last set.

“You should never just go straight out and lift heavy weights. Just as a warm-up is important before any workout you need to get your muscles and body used to the weights you are going to be lifting. For some it may not be very heavy, but for me it is my only rep.

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