KRK calls Salman Khan’s legal team “good liars”; Said: “I am the greatest critic in the history of Bollywood; Others are Chai Cum Paani “

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK thanks Salim Khan for his support in a legal battle with Salman Khan (Photo credit: Instagram / kamaalrkhan, beingsalmankhan, IMDb)

Self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan was recently embroiled in legal soup. And the one who filed a libel complaint against him is none other than superstar Salman Khan. While KRK claimed the case was over its review of Radhe, Bhai’s legal team yesterday refuted his claims. And now it looks like it’s even turning into a war of words on the internet. Read on for more details.

For those uninformed, Salman’s team said yesterday that the libel suit was due to KRK calling the superstar “corrupt.” But not that, he made several statements against Being Human and said his films were dacoits. Since the libel action was filed, Kamaal claimed it was Radhe’s review.

In the latest attack, Kamaal R Khan now called Salman Khan’s legal team “good liars”. He tweeted: “This is the starting part of the petition and you can see that # 1 is the #Radhe trailer and # 2 is Radhe’s review. This means the case is about #Radhe review videos. Means it’s all about Radhe! All other things need to support the case to make him strong. Means #DSK are good liars.

In another tweet, KRK called himself the greatest critic in Bollywood history. “You can all see hundreds of bad reviews of #Radhe on YouTube, but Salman has no problem with anyone except #TheBrandKRK! This is now proof that #DRKRK is the # 1 critic in Bollywood history. All the others are just Chai Cum Paani. The stars don’t care about their criticism, ”read Kamaal R Khan’s tweet.

But not that, Kamaal even used Salim Khan’s statement against Radhe in his favor and thanked him for his support. He said: “Salim Khan Sahab, Salman’s father, said in his interview that Radhe was a bad movie. This means he’s giving Salman the signal that he should accept that his film is bad, instead of suing me for libel. Thank you Salim Sahab for supporting the truth “

In his concluding tweet, KRK mentioned that he would continue to watch Salman Khan films again even if he touched his feet. “Normally, I don’t criticize the film if the producer-director or the actor in the film asks me not to criticize it. But now if this man asks me, or even touches my feet too, I’m still going to watch every movie and every song again. Satyamev Jayate! I Hind!

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