Kriti Kulhari and his team strike up an important conversation but exploit too obvious territory

Shaadisthan movie rating: 2.5 / 5 stars (two and a half stars)

Featured actors: Kirti Kulhari, Medha Shankar, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Ranjan Modi, Shenpenn Khymsar, Ajay Jayanthi, Apurv Dogra, Nishank Verma and together.

Director: Raj Singh Chaudhary

Shaadisthan Movie Review Out! (Photo credit – Instagram)

What is good: He pits two women from the ends of the spectrum against each other, while another is about to fall on either side. The idea is intimate and deserves your attention.

What’s wrong : The predictability of it all and the “it’s too obvious” tag that it brings.

Toilet break: it’s a 94-minute feature film, end credits included. It’s not even a question here.

Watch or not? : You can try it if you are in the mood for orgasm watching movies and feeling upbeat. But don’t be too ambitious when entering.

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Language: Hindi

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A music group that includes a girl (Kriti) and three boys (Shenpenn, Ajay and Apurv) who travel to Ajmer to perform at a wedding. Certain altercations force a “sanskaari” family to join them for the same marriage. Begins the clash of generations, ideologies and thoughts.

Shaadisthan movie review with Kirti Kulhari
Shaadisthan Movie Review Out! (Photo credit – Film still)

Shaadisthan movie review: scenario analysis

The clash of generations and ideology always produces a conversation that is valid, and concerns both parties in a very different way. Here the subject of it is marriage, and if that is the only thing that defines a woman in the so called “society”. Written by Raj Singh Chaudhary, Nishank Verma and Kartik Chaudhry, Shaadisthan explores a woman (Nivedita) overwhelmed by patriarchy largely in conversation with another who managed to break the glass ceiling (Kriti as Sasha).

Of course, that’s not the only premise of the film. But what stuck with me were the two talking to each other about the life they led, and if it was their choice. The script considers them as a parameter with both on each side. In the center is an 18 year old girl (Medha en Arshi) who is from Sasha’s generation, but her patriarchal father wants to push her to the side of the spectrum which almost means slavery.

Shaadisthan is a concept that is not intact or never seen. But it’s a new take on how it was put together. Or maybe the traveling part made me say that. God, I want a long drive! But what the movie ends up being most of the time is too predictable, and many will get the chance to say those golden words, “See, I told you she wouldn’t!”. And that’s where it takes a dip.

It’s not that; the part where there is a change in the heart seems too rushed and out of place all the time. For example, the moment Nivedita is under the influence of a drink with Medha, they dance as if they are in a trance. It looks makeup and non-organic. 5 minutes later we get a scene where Nivedita and Kriti are talking, and that saves the day. But there’s not much you can do if they decide to invest 35 minutes in editing the story into a film that’s only 94 minutes long. Maybe the relationship went awry, affecting the pace of the film.

The men onscreen, though more in the ratio, are only there to help the women shine, and there’s no complaints. All these years we’ve seen the reverse of that and applauded it, so digest that too. But that doesn’t mean they’re one tone or paper thin. They represent something.

Shaadisthan Movie Review: Star Performance

The most interesting thing about the movie is the cast. While Kriti Kulhari, Nivedita Bhattacharya, Ranjan Modi and Medha Shankar deliver what is expected of them, good performances in all honesty, the boys just happen to be the craziest group.

Shenpenn Khymsar is a filmmaker, composer and an active voice in the Free Tibet movement. Ajay Jayanthi is a real musician and is a master at playing the violin. Apurv Dogra is also a hip hop artist who practices art with rigor. And finally, Nishank Verma, who plays a small, unimportant role, is the man behind the story idea for Netflix’s brilliant Hindi show Jamtara, and this one too. Track them all on Instagram! When artists who, in real life, represent what they play on screen meet, authenticity is necessarily reflected on screen. And this is the case in Shaadisthan.

Shaadisthan movie review with Kirti Kulhari
Shaadisthan Movie Review Out! (Photo credit – Film still)

Shaadisthan film review: direction, music

The directing of Raj Singh Chaudhary, who also holds co-writing credits, is partly fresh and partly unmissable. While the majority of the film takes place on the road, we are never familiar with the scenery. Look at Piku if this statement confuses you. There is also a conflict there, but the landscape also breathes the film and becomes a character.

Nakul Sharma music is fun and worth being on your playlist for a while. The production design is believable and does not appear out of place.

Shaadisthan Movie Review: The Last Word

Overall, Shaadisthan is an honest attempt to talk about a stigma that needs to be addressed. But more depth and layering could have done wonders for the film. Thank the actors for being authentic on camera themselves!

Shaadisthan Trailer

Shaadisthan releases June 11, 2021.

Share with us your viewing experience Shaadisthan.

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