Kremlin: Putin is not Parkinson, he will not leave his post

The Kremlin denied the British tabloid press claiming that Russian leader Vladimir Putin would leave his post due to health problems.

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov, when asked about the allegations that Russian President Putin would leave his post due to Parkinson’s disease, said, “This is completely absurd. The President (Putin) is in good health, ”he said.

Kremlin Spokesperson also noted that Putin is not prepared to leave his post.

“The Russian leader will leave his post at the beginning of the year due to Parkinson’s”, British newspaper Sun wrote. The British tabloid press frequently reports news claiming that Putin has a hidden disease. So far, none of these reports have been confirmed.

In addition, it is commented that the submission of a new bill to the Russian parliament on the immunity of the former head of state has also fueled these rumors.

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