Kim Kardashian has revealed shocking news about Kanye West

American model Kim Kardashian explained the behavior of her husband, rapper and billionaire Kanye West on her Instagram page.

Kardashian took the floor for the first time since the independent US presidential candidate spoke on Sunday . Kanye West said his wife planned to have an abortion while she was pregnant with their older daughter North. Sources reported that Kim and her entire family were shocked by Kanye West’s appearance, but remained silent for several days.

Kardashian explained that her husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“Those who know Kanye well know that his words do not always reflect what he intends to do,” wrote Kardashian. The model explained that she had never spoken about it in public because she wanted to protect the private lives of her children and husband, especially in terms of health.

He is a wonderful but difficult man who is under a lot of pressure because he is an artist and because of his skin color, wrote Kardashian. The celebrity added that West’s condition was also affected by the death of his mother and isolation.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in 2014 – a year after their daughter North was born. Currently, the couple have four children.

Kayne West intends to run in the US presidential election on November 3.

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