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Tiffany Haddish forehead variety series Kids say the craziest things is scheduled to air on CBS in May – a year after ABC’s reboot canceled.

This is an example of a network recording a show co-produced by its sister studio, which is much more common on the scripted side.

Executive producer Eric Schotz, who runs Anvil 1893 Entertainment, which produces the series with CBS Studios, told Deadline, “I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was a little surprising because back then we were. co-watch them on a family show. The diversity of the show was organic and natural and we paid a lot of attention to it – our show felt like a rainbow, especially everything on the air.

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But he said that while the economy hasn’t worked for ABC, it has worked for CBS, which owns the intellectual property and international distribution rights for the show and format. “It was perfectly positioned,” he added. “By bringing it to CBS, it’s the right show at the right time.”


The show, which features children giving their unvarnished views of the world, will premiere on May 5 at 8 p.m. and return in half-hours rather than hours. Viewers won’t notice much of a difference, said Schotz (left). “We had to make it different, but the differentiation is a nuance. It’s not necessarily about trying to neutralize him because Tiffany has taken in children. There is a signature part of the show where there are kids on the panel talking to the host. This is what people watched. “

He said research showed viewers liked the fact that it was an adult show featuring children, rather than a particularly family-oriented show, but still allowed for co-viewing. .

Schotz said the key was Haddish’s interactions with the children. “She takes care of children at their own level, that’s the magic formula there. She understood that she is not the one who has to be funny. It’s the hardest thing to teach an actor. You don’t have to make jokes. You just have to react, take a look at the camera. She can play with them on a level, get down to the ground with them.

He calls the CBS version “faster” and “tighter” because of the move to half an hour. “We’re not trying to stretch a material to cover it,” he said.

Covid meant there was no audience, but it became a boon for the team. “We found that some of the kids were shining without the audience. It worked better for them because they weren’t playing with someone. If you’re five and 250 people are clapping and being told what to do, you’ve been there all day, which can be a little overwhelming at times.

Haddish is also an executive producer on the show, but Schotz said she’s really making her crust. “She attends our meetings and reviews the children and ideas. She’s not on the phone. She doesn’t say “I’m a celebrity, don’t talk to me”. She dedicates the time it takes to become a famous executive producer, which is far more important than just by title.

Anvil 1893 Entertainment is now looking to strike as the iron is hot with a host of other ideas in development and a handful of series orders on the horizon. Schotz is keen to find more intellectual property that he can bring to talent and is also looking at areas that are not currently on TV.

One is a mixture of entertainment and unscripted comedic animation. “It was never affordable before, but it can be done now. I believe that comedy is the only thing missing from our landscape as a whole. You’re talking to a guy who’s done a lot of murder and crime shows, but I think there’s a need for that now, ”the Discovery ID producer said. Murder Book and Coroner: I speak for the dead.

He also examines competition formats, without elimination, and tries to decipher the Constitution. “I believe this is the one document that has become the most relevant document in a way, and we’re trying to figure out what we’re thinking to do, what the mass appeal is. How do you say the word constitution and people don’t curl up in a ball? Here is the challenge. This has been topical in our lives. How do we translate this into entertainment value? “

“More than ever, people are making big, bold changes and networks want to see that. We are not risk averse. Take the risk, what’s the worst that can happen? Once you get rid of the restarts, that’s a phase, I think there will be a wave of original programming, ”he added.

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