Key HFPA allies leave ship after latest Golden Globes Group crisis – Deadline

UPDATE: On Tuesday evening, the fallout from recent controversies surrounding the Hollywood Foreign Press Association continued.

We can confirm from sources knowing that Diversity and Inclusion Advisor Dr Shaun Harper left the Golden Globes organization earlier today, as first reported. THR. The USC professor was hired by the HFPA on March 9.

As the HFPA house of cards crumbles further due to the lack of black members of the group and the lack of a real strategy to become more inclusive, longtime public relations firm Sunshine Sachs is setting up its own exit strategy. “Working with them is really starting to hurt our larger business profile and we can’t have it from just one client,” an insider told Deadline of Sunshine Sach’s impending decision to no longer represent the HFPA. . “We can’t work like this,” they added.

HFPA expels former president Phil Berk amid email controversy

The firm did not respond to comments, however, another well-placed source tells us Sunshine Sachs “is considering all options.” We hear that it’s only a matter of days, if not hours, before Sunshine Sachs takes a break from the struggling HFPA organization.

News of Harper’s exit comes in the wake of hugely inappropriate email comments made by former HFPA chairman Phil Berk on Sunday. In her remarks, Berk called Black Lives Matter a “racist hate movement,” also describing movement co-founder Patrisse Cullors as “the self-proclaimed ‘trained Marxist’.” On Tuesday, after condemning statements were released by NBC and The owner of Dick Clark Productions, MRC, Berk was kicked out of the organization for using racist rhetoric.

THR also reported that Judy Smith’s firm, Smith & Company, had also split from the HFPA after being hired by the organization’s law firm Lathan & Watkins to advise a little over a month. Deadline has contacted Smith and received no comment. We’ll keep you posted when we do.

Today’s blast ray was just the latest controversy for the under 90-member organization.

Ahead of the 78th Golden Globe Awards on February 28, it emerged that the group had no black individuals among its 87 voting members. A fact that was mentioned several times to the Globes themselves that night, including vague promises from an HFPA brass trio that they would fix the problem.

Subsequently, Time’s Up and more than 100 public relations firms threatened to end business with the group, unless it made major reforms, in terms of representation. The HFPA has pledged to take action by May 6. Harper’s departure today only increases the pressure on the group to make changes.

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