Kendall Jenner & Devin Booker Isn’t romance just a summer fling but serious business?

Kendall Jenner is “happy and proud” to be dating Devin Booker and has “serious” feelings for him (Photo credit: Instagram)

The Kardijenners never fail to make headlines and shock all of their fans. Something everyone is always interested in knowing is their love life. The only sister whose love life is pretty exciting these days is Kendall Jenner, who may have found her match in NBA star Devin Booker. These two have sparked romance rumors since last spring.

The latest buzz is that Kendall can be really serious about Devin and can take the next step. Wow ! Isn’t that exciting? Well, keep scrolling for more.

According to reports in Hollywood Life, a source close to Kendall Jenner has revealed that the diva is generally quite deprived of her dating life, but lately she has been showing her man some social love in recent months. And that, according to the source, is a very significant sign that the diva is in love.

“The fact that Kendall Jenner is so public about things says it all. If she wasn’t serious, she would never do this. She takes her time. It takes a long time for him to trust, ”the source continued. “But it’s been over a year now, and he’s showing up for her regularly. She is very happy and certainly very proud. He’s a huge talent, and he’s only getting better with her by his side, which obviously feels good.

However, the source also clarified that while she is madly in love, she has her priorities set. “As happy as Kendall is with Devin, she’s still very independent; she has a busy and full life. It’s not just that she’s busy with work; she is very close to her friends, ”added the source. “Spending time with them is a big priority for her, so having a boyfriend who has his own passion and his own busy schedule works best for her. It gives her the space she needs.

Another source said: “Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker kept it very simple and made sure not to make their relationship a show,” the source explained. “They both want the best for each other because it makes them better as a couple. He’s knee deep in the playoffs right now, and his Suns are doing amazing. “

“It helps that things are going well with Kendall and that there is no drama in their relationship. [so] it doesn’t bring bad vibes to work from home… or vice versa. They’re just in a really good zone with each other and continue to make sure that doesn’t change by adding unnecessary drama. All the good vibrations only between them.

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