Keep your gauges, notes, and camera on your hip with the updated Peak Design bag

The small but versatile bag is designed to keep your most important items close at hand while looking stylish at the same time.

There are many things that you need to take with you on a movie set. Your phone, of course, for viewfinder and SMS producers. A light meter for the DPs and gaffers. Your pages for the day, your notes on these pages. Sometimes a wireless monitor.

While you can string them all together on your belt, that’s usually not stylish or really functional. Too many things hanging on your body make it likely that you will bump something into a light stand or put it down and forget about it.

Here is the one Peak Design field bag was designed to enter.

It’s a small, fold-flat bag that you can wear on your belt or with a strap around your shoulder. It’s designed to close tightly with Velcro, whether it’s empty or bursting at the seams. It has a ton of tiny pockets inside and is perfect for stowing a meter, phone, notepad, some pages, and maybe some SD cards or mints on your belt.

Keep everything together so you are more organized but maybe just a hair less chunky than having everything on separate belt units.

The new bag Peak Design field bag V2, which is available now, contains some helpful revisions that will make it even more useful for filmmakers.

The biggest one is the addition of two “camera clip” attachment points on either side of the bag. This is a huge improvement as the camera clip is far more versatile than just attaching cameras. You can of course mount your camera which gives you quick access when scouting or just grabbing your own BTS. But you can also mount pretty much anything a 1/4 “would need, including action cameras if you want a time-lapse of your work day for a BTS reel or even a wireless monitor.

Personally, what I’m most likely to forget and put somewhere are these wireless monitors, these elegant units with built-in wireless receivers. These integrated units have completely changed life on set, but are really too big for most bags and want to be worn on the collar.

If you hate a collar it is worth giving that serious consideration Field bag V2which is not only the perfect size to place the monitor internally, but you can mount it externally with a Peak Camera Clip V3 so it’s handy when you need it and a “home” when you don’t need him. It sticks off your body so you run the risk of bumping into something with it, but honestly, considering how much they swing around and get abused in a neck strap, it seems about as safe and a lot smoother, keep it at your waist.

One of our favorite features is the total and absolute darkness of the “black” bag in contrast to the other colors which have contrasting leather accents. This bag is “exterminated”, as they say of black cars with black rims.

While “wearing a lot of black” is a bit of a cliché among filmmakers, it actually has a very real purpose. I’ve seen light readings affected by reflections from the shirt you’re wearing (a DP in a black shirt will get different readings than the gaffer in a white shirt who doesn’t pay enough attention to the reflections from his shirt), and flare reflections are a problem. It is always appreciated when brands targeting those of us who spend a lot of life on the set keep that in mind and offer a true all black version.

These Peak Design field bag V2 Devices have only just hit the market so we can’t comment on durability, but previous Peak Design products have received high ratings for months or years of abuse by filmmakers and photographers.

If you feel like your pockets are getting too full or your belt is getting cluttered, this is it Field bag V2 is definitely worth a look.

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