“Keep B-grade hyenas back”

Kangana Ranaut takes an indirect jibe at Swara Bhasker calling him “B Grade”? (PC: Kangana Ranaut / Farah Khan / Instagram / Sanjay Leela Bhansali / Wikipedia)

Kangana Ranaut refuses to keep her opinion to herself despite millions of controversies. There is a lawsuit against Shiv Sena on the BMC line, a libel lawsuit filed by Javed Akhtar. Not to mention, there are Twitter spats with Diljit Dosanjh. But this is clearly the case with “don’t stop, don’t stop” for the actress from Dhaakad. The last row now concerns Swara Bhasker.

A few days ago, Congressman and MP Sukhdev made a derogatory remark about Kangana, calling him “naachne gaane wali”. The actress was quick to respond to the same, mentioning that she was neither Alia Bhatt nor Deepika Padukone. “I’m not shaking, I’m breaking my bones,” Ranaut had reacted.

Due to all of this, Swara Bhasker supported Kangana Ranaut against the politician but mentioned that the Manikarnika actress only made matters worse with her reaction. “Sukhdev Panse said a stupid, serene and totally reprehensible thing… Kangana… you made it worse!” Swara had tweeted.

Now, a tweet many believe to be an indirect jibe to Swara Bhasker, witnesses Kangana Ranaut refer to as ‘B grade actors’. But not that, this latest actress claims that she rejected the article numbers of Farah Khan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali to be where she is today.

“These B notes will not understand but I said no to the songs of Sanjay Bhansali and Farah Khan also, which made few listeners A during the night, I sacrificed a lot to be who I am today, to give up category B hyenas if they the directors even offer you a passage that you will go through, ”the tweet read.

Check it out below:

Is this tweet intended for Swara Bhasker? Well, only time will tell.

Meanwhile, in another tweet, Kangana Ranaut also expressed her take on article numbers. She wrote: “Whenever I impose tough questions on A listener, all B listers come like sepoys, item numbers are basically a song that is not consecutive to the plot of the movie, uses derogatory language for women, even when playing a nautch girl I made sure it was not derogatory to women.

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