Keanu Reeves once dropped by his girlfriend for Brad Pitt?

You might not know it but Keanu Reeves was dumped by his then girlfriend for Brad Pitt and here’s what happened.

Very recently, the editorial ‘of melty revealed to you the incredible reason why Keanu Reeves rebuffed an actress who had flirted with him. At the same time very discreet when it comes to his private life and very coveted, the actor of Matrix lived some pretty romances and one of them was indeed all fairy tale. It all started on the set of the film Babes in Toyland released in 1986 where Keanu Reeves shares the screen with actress Jill Schoelen. Very quickly, the two co-stars become accomplices and engage in a romantic relationship. Mad about each other, their romance will last 3 beautiful years as revealed by Cheat Sheet.

If we unfortunately know very little about their breakup in 1989, Jill Schoelen would actually be at the origin of his separation from the actor. Far from being shot, the pretty brunette quickly found a smile in the arms of Brad Pitt who was not yet this huge star that we all know at the time. Obviously very in love, they took it to the next level by becoming engaged. A commitment that will not have kept since Jill and Brad separate a few months later. But let fans be reassured, this romance with the actress did not prevent Keanu Reeves, whose amount of fortune here is from finding love again. The actor is living happy days today with Alexandra Grant.

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