Keanu Reeves (Matrix) more generous than ever

Keanu Reeves is an extremely generous man. Evidenced by the adorable story of his first meeting with this famous actress.

It is unanimous! Keanu Reeves, who changed his look by shaving his head, is one of the popular actors of his generation. It is difficult not to appreciate him, he is so generous. In 2014, Octavia Spencer had also told the adorable details of her meeting with the star. At the time, the actress had just left Alabama to try her luck at the movies in Los Angeles. “I had an audition and my car broke down. Nobody wanted to help me because my car was very dirty, until Keanu Reeves arrived. He was on a motorcycle and said to me ‘Hey, you have Need help ?’ Without laughing I was going to ask him to get in the car to push him and he said ‘No, I’m going to push you.’ And I thought ‘Oh no, he’s going to have to touch my car’ “she said on The Meredith Vieira Show.

Very touched by Keanu Reeves’ gesture, Octavia Spencer now goes to all the previews of her films to thank him for being so kind to her. But that’s not the only memory she cherishes. During his appearance on the famous talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Friday October 23, the star of the film The Color of Feelings revealed that the actor also sent her a nice surprise video message for her birthday: “Of course, I started to cry like a baby. so fabulous. Keanu is someone I adore and my friends know that. It was really, really sweet. ” We love so much cuteness! And for even more info, discover all the details on the secret love story of Keanu Reeves and his darling Alexandra Grant.

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