Katy Perry is on the streets in disguise to encourage voting

Katy Perry pledged herself to the 2020 US elections disguised as a giant sticker with the phrase “I Voted.”

This Tuesday, November 3, the 2020 United States elections are held and various celebrities have boasted in their social networks the moment of her vote, one of her was Katy Perry who, wearing an unusual costume, invited to vote.

The pop star took to the streets of Los Angeles in a giant “I voted” sticker costume to encourage fellow Angelenos of hers to go to the polls.

In the hilarious clip, Katy Perry wears the huge headdress, a blue surgical mask, and a crocheted cream-colored sweater as she waves to the cars and yells at the drivers, “Go vote!”

Later, the pop star crossed the street to a liquor store, where she had some trouble fitting her gigantic costume through the store door.

“Tomorrow is Election Day! Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell complete strangers on the street to #Votenow,” she captioned the post on Instagram along with some lyrics from the album song Smile. The end of the world.”

Katy Perry surprises in the elections

It is not the first time that the artist dons the eccentric and civic outfit. Since as we announced in Somagnews, a week before election day, she shared another video with the costume as she went to the ballot box to cast her own vote.

“Just one week until Election Day! Vote now! … Do it for the label (democracy),” the singer wrote at the time.

Daisy Bloom’s new mother has been an outspoken entrant during the 2020 election cycle, co-headlining Rock the Vote’s Democracy Summer 2020 concert along with the Black Eyed Peas, joining Planned Parenthood’s Get Out the Vote campaign.


Even Katy Perry shared her own public service announcements on the importance of early voting on social media.

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