Katrina Kaif is happy to see ‘Me Time’ conscious women

Katrina Kaif is looking forward to 2021 (PC: Instagram)

With game nights, workout videos, and fun with family and friends, Katrina Kaif’s social media platform has been eagerly followed by fans. The actress recently spotted in PepsiCo India Slice’s new TVC, which encourages consumers to take on the ‘Sabse Thick Sabse Tasty’ challenge, reaffirming its position as the thickest and tastiest mango drink in India. . IANSlife caught up with the star to talk about the set, her locked out days, and what she’s looking forward to in 2021.

Q: How do you feel back to work after months of foreclosure?

A: As much as I learned and grew internally during the lockdown, I really missed the hustle and bustle of my job. While the lockdown was critical at that point, I made sure to spend some quality time on things that I rarely do, but now that the job has gradually started with all the necessary precautions I can’t be more happy. The joy of filming is irreplaceable.

Q: Do you think there is a difference between filming in a pre and post-Covid world?

A: Surely there is a difference as maintaining social distancing and various other precautionary standards is a must, unlike before. But all of the sets I’ve been on made crew safety a priority, making it a very safe place to work, giving us artists the creative freedom we need.

Q: International travel has stalled… have you managed to take a vacation or getaway and how did it go?

A: I took a trip to the Maldives during the pandemic to film Slice’s new “Sabse Thick Sabse Tasty” campaign. I had mixed feelings as I prepared for the trip – on the one hand, I was excited about the post-lockdown shoot and on the other hand, I was nervous about traveling to the ‘new normality ” and I made sure to take it all. precautions, throughout the trip – COVID testing, social distancing, use of masks. Shooting in the Maldives was such an exhilarating experience and it was one of the best photos I have had.

Q: Women’s Day is fast approaching, the lockdown has been particularly difficult for women, how do you think they should celebrate Women’s Day?

A: I think everyone has their own challenges to deal with, men, women, children and the elderly. The lockdown was a challenge for everyone. We should be so thankful for our privileged lives and these times have been really tough for so many people. However, I am happy to see how women have realized the importance of ‘time for me’ and hope that they will continue to take time for themselves even after the lockdown.

Q: What are you looking forward to in 2021 and what is the lesson from 2020 that you will take with you forever?

A: If 2020 has reminded me of the joys of the little things, 2021 is also a very exciting year for me. I am delighted with the work I do and can’t wait to share it with the world.

Q: Last but not least, why is Slice your favorite summer drink?

A: My association with Slice goes back a long time – it gives me pure, indulgent joy to drink Slice. Slice is my favorite mango drink and I’m more than excited to launch the new “Sabse Thick Sabse Tasty” campaign which exudes my brand confidence. I can’t wait for my fans to take on the taste challenge and experience the pleasure of drinking the thick, flavorful slice for themselves.

Speaking on the new campaign, Anuj Goyal, Associate Director, Tropicana and Slice, PepsiCo India said, “Consumers have expressed immense love for Slice which is a testament to our confidence in the product. However, we wanted to take it a step further and encourage our consumers to take on the new Sabse Thick Sabse Tasty Blind Taste Challenge to strengthen Slice’s position as India’s tastiest and thickest mango drink. We’re excited to reach our consumers this summer with this campaign featuring the incomparable Katrina Kaif. “

The TVC movie, in a beautiful beach setting, shows a brand ambassador posing the ultimate taste challenge to a fan. The Blind Taste Challenge launched by Katrina Kaif prompts him to make a choice and take up the taste challenge to discover the thickest mango drink on the market.

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