Katie Price’s kids gave her drug ultimatum: “We’re never gonna talk to you again”

Katie Price’s kids gave her an ultimatum on drugs: “We’re never going to talk to you again” – Deets Inside (Photo credit – Instagram / Twitter)

Katie Price’s children gave her an ultimatum if she took up cocaine again.

The British reality TV star – mum of Harvey, 18, Junior, 15 and Princess, 13, Jett, seven and Bunny, six – revealed that her children had vowed to cut her off if she was taking Class A medication again after having previously turned to drugs and drink when she was going through a difficult time personally.

“My kids thought I lost the plot and was partying,” Katie Price told The Sun newspaper. “They didn’t know it was me breaking down trying to block things out – they needed to know the truth. All the kids say I’m so much better now. But they say, “Mom, if you ever get back to the way you were, we’re never going to talk to you again.” I tell them they never have to worry because I would not go back there.

And Katie Price admits that her kids are one of her biggest motivations for not going back to her past life.

“They’re so strong and I love it because it makes me think I wouldn’t hurt them,” Katie added. “Junior didn’t get it at the time, but he looks back and says he feels bad because he realizes more about my sanity and what I was going through. He says he wished he could talk.

“I think over the last year and a half there’s been a lot more talk about mental health. I am now able to tell them that the reason I took coke was to block things. I explained to him that it wasn’t because I wanted to do it. I just couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel and now he understands it. It’s just a pile of stuff… Everyone’s got a breaking point and I did.

Katie Price also insisted she was clean now after checking herself in the Priory Rehabilitation Center.

“I haven’t had a drink and I certainly wouldn’t do the coke again. I’m going to be testing again so that no one can ever accuse me of anything again, ”Katie Price said firmly. (SVB / BAN / DMC)

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