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This year, the 55th edition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival has been postponed from early July until August 20-28, 2021.

Organizers cited the current pandemic situation in the Czech Republic as the motivator for the move.

“Pushing back the festival dates by seven weeks will offer the best chance of bringing this cultural event closer as the public and festival-goers have become accustomed,” the festival said.

“Our decision to take this step was taken after consultation with experts and after careful consideration of the current situation. We hope that the coming months will see a significant increase in vaccinations, thanks to which the pandemic will be brought under control, allowing us to organize the Karlovy Vary Festival in a form that will be as safe as possible for guests and visitors. Of course, we are ready to comply with all applicable regulations, ”added KVIFF Executive Director Kryštof Mucha.

Karlovy Vary Film Festival has no plans to leave July dates despite Cannes overlap

KVIFF Artistic Director Karel Och commented: “Moving the dates of the 55th festival does not mean a long-term change in the traditional niche of the Karlovy Vary festival, the 56th edition of the festival will return to its usual time. that is, from July 1 to 9, 2022. “

The Czech Republic has struggled to cope with the pandemic for some time. While the global number of Covid cases has been declining for six weeks, the central European country is experiencing near record levels of new infections. The deaths have just passed 20,000 and its death rate is among the highest in the world.

Taking place in July, the festival was expected to clash with the Cannes Film Festival, which this year pushed a July lunge due to the pandemic. But doubts are growing as to the viability of the event on the Côte d’Azur at this time, and as we first revealed, Cannes organizers are lining up an older and distinct market for the industry.

The late August position for KV means it will take place just before Venice, which is expected to start from September 1, 2021.

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