Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Tok’ To Be Christian TikTok Platform

Jesus Tok would be the name of Kanye’s app

A large number of Americans (supposedly 100 million) now face a new challenge – the possible ban on Tik Tok, which became very popular in the United States last year, mainly in the 13 to 34 age group. Most of the discussion about Tik Tok lately revolves around fear of the possible Chinese use of Tik Tok for espionage or privacy / security violations. Tik Tok is owned by ByteDance, a company based in China.

In the meantime, much is speculated about the future of the application that is becoming more and more popular. Owner of several visionary ideas, rapper Kanye West showed intentions to create a Christian version of the app, at least that was what he published on his Twitter account this afternoon (17).

“A vision just occurred to me… Jesus Tok. I was watching Tik Tok with my daughter and as a Christian father, I was disturbed by the content, but I loved the technology., Let us pray that we can collaborate with Tik Tok to make a monitored Christian version that is safe for children and the world , in the name of Jesus, amen ”published the artist who recently returned to do the Sunday Service.

While TikTok negotiates its potential sale, which is expected to close in 90 days to prevent the Chinese-owned app from being closed in the U.S., it is signing a different type of agreement. They partnered with UnitedMasters, a music distribution company, to allow artists on the video sharing platform to distribute their music directly from the app to streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. UnitedMasters also makes music deals with brands like ESPN and NBA. The deal is expected to be announced today.

It may be the most significant transaction so far for Kevin Mayer, CEO of TikTok, who joined the company in May after a long career at Disney. Much of his time was spent reacting to geopolitics, with TikTok’s parent company, Beijing-based ByteDance, caught up in the technological cold war between the U.S. and China. Citing national security concerns, President Trump ordered TikTok’s U.S. operations to be sold to an American owner – Microsoft is the most likely buyer – or to be closed.

Despite the uncertainty about TikTok’s fate in the US, UnitedMasters’ business shows that the company is not stalled, even though the benefits of the new partnership are likely to accrue to a new owner.

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