Kabir Bedi had asked his wife Parveen Dusanj to change her name to be criticized

The reaction of Kabir Bedi’s wife Parveen Dusanj was epic when asked to change her name (Photo credit – Instagram / Movie)

The relationship between Kabir Bedi and Parveen Babi is somewhere still etched in all of our minds. The intense love of these two is always the subject of discussion, not to mention the forgetfulness. Imagine what must have happened in Bedi’s heart and mind when he fell in love with a girl of the same name again? The obvious reaction would have been to ask him to change his name. But, that was not taken well by his current wife.

For the reverse, the name of Kabir’s current wife is also Parveen, and we understand that this name must push him back into the past, which he wants to forget. So what happened when he asked his wife to change her name? Read on.

According to reports to Bollywood Hungama, Kabir Bedi revealed that his then partner and now wife, also named Parveen, had rejected his request for a name change. But, he says, he has now started to call her “V”.

Kabir Bedi told Bollywood Hungama: “I said, ‘I had a Parveen in my life, would you mind changing my name or something because people are confused.’ And of course she had this very British (reaction): “How dare you ask me to change my name?” “

He continued, “But when things continued, and she came to India and realized that Parveen (Babi) had been an important part of my life, in the consciousness of people I started to call her ‘ V ‘. My longest relationship has been with Parveen (Dusanj), we’ve been together for 15 years, married for six of those years, and it’s a beautiful and fitting climax to my life.

In the same interview, Kabir Bedi also spoke openly about Parveen Babi. He said she was capable of great love but had her issues which caused her great trauma. “The love I felt for her was extraordinary and intense,” he said, adding that “watching her suffer from her mental issues was emotionally draining.”

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