Justin Bieber has an impressive Pokémon collection

Justin Bieber has the most amazing collection of Pokémon cards that every anime fan wishes they could have

Justin Bieber has an impressive collection of original Pokémon cards, including several ranked cards that have caused envy and a stir among fans of the famous franchise.

The Pokémon franchise is one of the largest in the world and has a number of famous celebrities among its many fans. Take pop sensation Justin Bieber, a well-known anime enthusiast who was ignored by other players while playing Pokemon Go in 2016 as an example.

Justin Bieber also revealed his love for Pokémon last year when he showed off an impressive framed collection of Pokémon cards in one of his Instagram stories a few months back.

Meet Justin Bieber’s Pokemon collection

Justin Bieber’s Pokémon collection includes an original Pokémon card game that features a series of holographic and classic cards like the Chubby Pikachu card.

Meet Justin Bieber’s Pokemon collection also featured a handful of framed grad cards, including various Johto-era PSAs from the Pokémon card franchise, including Dark Raichu, Slowking, and Feraligatr.

You can see some of his framed Pokémon cards below:

We note that Justin Bieber’s collection did not include any of the greatest cards with the highest monetary value such as a First Edition Charizard, a No. 1 Trainer Card or a Pikachu Illustrator card, all of which can sell for dozens or even hundreds of Thousands of dollars.

Most of the graduated Pokemon cards in Justin Bieber’s collection only cost a few hundred dollars on eBay, which is undoubtedly more than we could spend on a single Pokemon card. However, the pop singer is clearly a huge Pokemon fan and is not afraid to show it off in and out of his home.

Unfortunately, Justin Bieber may have a little more time on his hands to fill in the gaps in his Pokemon card collection, as the singer recently announced that he was rescheduling his world tour to begin in 2021.

Tickets for Justin Bieber’s world tour will go on sale this week, even though the COVID-19 pandemic could not be contained. Do you think the Canadian tour will succeed? Tell us in the comments.

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