Justin Bieber gets upset with Google! expresses discontent

Canadian singer Justin Bieber shared his discontent due to some photographs that appear as soon as one looks for his name

¡Se molesta Justin Bieber con Google! expresa su descontento(AFP)

Apparently we have rarely seen the singer Justin Bieber annoyed by any situation, in this case he expressed his discontent because in Google, when putting his name, images of him appear that are not to his total liking, for that reason he expressed his discontent in an Instagram video.

It was through his stories to be exact where in several stories he mentioned that he did not understand the fact of insisting on putting photographs where it does not appear quite right.

This short video was shared in a Twitter post where they managed to capture the videos of Justin Bieber, a renowned Canadian singer.

The interpreter of “Baby” mentioned that the images that some media are using, the same ones that just appeared on Google when he typed his name, are unflattering for him, because at that time he was struggling with Lyme disease, of which The Mexican singer and actress Thalia and the actor Richard Gere, Alec Baldwin and Abril Lavigne also suffer from it.

Justin Bieber was in a delicate moment of his life and his health when suffering from this disease that affects the wearer a lot.

The images that appear on Google are part of the documentary that the singer and social media celebrity shared at the beginning of the year, in which he did not seem to be quite right.

In his video he mentioned that he did not know why the media continued to use these photographs when there were others where he looked much better, and he even took on the task of expressing his dissatisfaction with said media and surely he also did it with Google, in the video you could see his frustration and obvious anger at what had happened.

If you do not know much about this disease, we will explain a little about what people who suffer from it suffer, it is transmitted by a tick, symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, fatigue, high fever and intense pain may occur, if it is not treated in time life may even be lost due to the sharp pain that can be felt.


Fortunately Justin Bieber was able to take care of himself in time and overcome the disease, however it is not something that is removed from one day to the next, it can be controlled for this reason, certain care and treatments must be taken for which not all affected people can pay.

Perhaps his discomfort is justified because at that time he was not in perfect health and today he is already much better.

The interpreter of “Sorry” is one of the most recognized singers worldwide, his millions of followers support him, surely by making a statement or requesting help from his fans, he would immediately have a positive response from them who are around 151 million respectively.

It is likely that in Google or another search engine there are thousands of photographs of Justin Bieber that you will be sure to see, but for the moment it is not known if the search engine will remove them or continue to show them when you type their name and they appear on the first pages images.

Last Sunday, November 22, the delivery of the American Music Awards was presented, where Justin Bieber had his first live presentation of “Monster” his most recent single in collaboration with Shawn Mendes, which became a success especially in networks social, their names immediately became trending.

We will surely be attentive to the follow-up of Justin Beber’s annoyance and the continuation of this complaint he made on social networks, it will be interesting to know Google’s response.

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