Jungkook tried to steal food from I-LAND trainees OMG!

BTS member Jungkook hilariously tried to steal some snacks saved for the I-LAND trainees during episode 7.

Indeed, it was a memorable day for I-LAND and ARMY when BTS graced their presence at the complex to offer some meaningful advice to the chosen trainees. However, before they got down to business, the septet was given a tour of the facility and, unsurprisingly, it was a complete fun chaos.

When they went through the reception area and assigned rooms based on the trainees’ classification, BTS looked on in amazement and also mistook a facial brush for a toothbrush.

However, the funniest moment took place inside the trainees’ pantry, which was full of sandwiches. When the members leave the pantry, you see Jungkook with a huge smile stealing some food with V pointing and laughing at his partner in crime.

Jungkook starred in funny moment in I-LAND

Then they take us back to a moment of flashback, when Kookie becomes fascinated with food and begins to choose the food he wants. Taehyung even points at the camera while The Golden Maknae jokes, “I got caught.”

However, his hyungs were quick to criticize his when Jin chided, “Why are you taking that? These kids have to stay here for 40 days,” to which Suga added, “They have to eat this for 40 days.”

“Go to the supermarket,” RM added as Jimin pushed Jungkook into the pantry and said, “Don’t do this.” The entire time, TaeTae and J-Hope were having a laughing fit in the background.

“It’s a joke. I’m just kidding,” Kookie joked as RM added, “He always takes things like this!” It is noteworthy that the Bangtan leader ended up stealing a packet of jelly and was also seen chewing a bit!

“These guys should be eating better than this,” Kookie concluded as he set the sandwiches back to their original position like the good boy he is.

Jungkook’s cute antics aside, the 22-year-old singer left a present for I-LAND’s Ni-ki that was a modern hanbok.

“I made you a modernized hanbok, I’m not sure if you will like it … ha ha. You don’t have to wear it outside, you can wear it at home too! I gave you four sets ha ha. Take care of yourself and your voice. Fight! – BTS JK, “Kookie’s note read as Ni-ki proudly flaunted his gift and recreated BTS’s Idol dance move while wearing the hanbok. Do you think the trainees should have shared a snack with Jungkook?

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