Jungkook impressed ARMY as a songwriter

Jungkook of the group BTS not only stands out with his singing and dancing, but now also with the lyrics of the songs.

We know that BTS members have always participated in the production of their album tracks or have even written the entire song on their own. Many fans know that SUGA and RM are the members who are mainly involved in the production of the songs.

However, recently a netizen posted to an online community that another BTS member is known to have incredible songwriting skills. This member is the youngest of the group, Jungkook, and is known for recently writing the song “Your Eyes Tell”, a track that is part of BTS’s Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 – The Journey and also became the main theme for the Japanese of the same title.

Jungkook was praised for this well-written song when it was revealed, and the song received a lot of love from fans around the world. Since then, many people have paid attention to the songs Jungkook has written and participated in in the production. One of the songs that is getting a lot of recognition is the song “Still With You”.

Jungkook released this on Soundcloud as a gift to his fans. He said he has written the song with them in mind.

Jungkook has written songs for BTS

The idol is known as the member who loves his fans very much and shows his affection towards them. This song became a special treat for his fans when it was first released. Now, it is being recognized as a song that is well written and it gives Jungkook recognition for his potential in songwriting.

Netizens praised the member for his skills once again. Netizens commented on social media: “My favorite song is still with you,” said one. “It was very nice of him to post it on Soundcloud so everyone can listen for free” added another ARMY. “His songwriting ability is amazing,” stated one user and another added, “I think Jungkook’s previous experience in singing really adds to the song. I love the song.”

ARMY hopes that on the next album that is to be released in a few months, Kookie will also participate as a songwriter. Did you know that Jungkook has such a good ability to compose? Would you like the idol to write more songs?

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