Jungkook didn’t feel well in Dynamite’s music video

The BTS members sat down to watch the Dynamite MV together. During the shoot, Jungkook revealed that he was not feeling himself during his solo set.

The world has reacted to BTS’s new single, Dynamite, even pushing the music video to break some jaw-dropping records. Now, the BangTan Boys are getting together to watch the music video.

In the new BangTan Bomb video, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook sat down together to watch the video and shared their thoughts on it.

The members sat down to watch the full video at first, enjoying it just like ARMY did when they first saw the video, with Mochi stepping into an impromptu reenactment of the MV’s dance moves.

But the members decided to rewatch it all because, well, even the BangTan Boys couldn’t see the colorful, lively video just once. However, this time, they decided to stop the MV and share interesting information about the creation.

As we know it, the video unfolds with the members dispersing before Jungkook performs his solo booth. While we loved seeing JK do his thing, the singer confessed that he was not in his element at the time.

Jungkook did not feel attractive in Dynamite

The Still With You singer recalled that the scene was supposed to be shot on the first day of filming. However, filming was delayed later in the evening. “I had a hard time filming the scene,” Kookie confessed.

RM added that JK had to do several takes. “I freeze when they put me in the spotlight,” JK said, adding, “I was the first in and the last out.” Jungkook also said that he was having a hard time, that he did not feel in the best version of himself, that he did not feel “hot” or attractive. Hobi cut him off and said he looked great in the shot.

Other than that, everyone talked about Jin’s poses. He confessed that “someone” made him pose like that when Jimin turned to him and announced that he was helping Seokjin with the pose.

It was also revealed that ChimChim taught Worldwide Handsome how to moonwalk. While the video had numerous funny moments, we couldn’t forget how Namjoon compared the final choreography arrangement to the Teletubbies. Do you think Jungkook did a good job despite not feeling very good?

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