Julien Noble leaves Warner Bros. as vice president of international marketing; Circle a similar role at Universal – Deadline

UPDATE EXCLUSIVE: As we first told you last month, Julien Noble, former senior vice president of international marketing for Warner Bros., is heading to Universal and will become the studio’s new president of international marketing on March 15 in Los Angeles. Angeles.

You can read the internal memo from Universal’s Global Marketing Director Michael Moses below. Noble will report to Moses and be part of the studio’s senior international think tank which includes director of distribution Veronika Kwan Vandenberg (also Warner Bros. veterinarian) and Niels Swinkels. Noble will also work closely with Dwight Caines, President of National Marketing.

Dear colleagues:

I am happy to confirm the good news that Julien Noble is joining Universal as the new President of International Marketing.

Warner Bros. Appoints Josh Goldstine President of Global Marketing

Julien is a dynamic blend of experience, enthusiasm and entrepreneurship and I am sure he will be a strategic addition to our team as we grapple with the continued impacts of the pandemic and an industry reshaped by seismic changes. . I am delighted that he is joining us in Los Angeles as an architect and partner as we centralize our organization into a more globalized structure.

Julien brings with him a work experience in the territory and in the region as well as impressive stays in large studios, making him a framework with a vast base and avant-garde dexterity who will advocate for what is necessary to succeed in across cultures and countries. He worked in dedicated disciplines before advancing to managerial positions that involved all elements of marketing, first at Disney, then Fox and more recently Warner Bros.

Julien comes most immediately from his role as Executive Vice President, International Marketing at Warner Bros., where he was responsible for innovation of WB’s marketing operations within the studio’s international team. He has overseen international campaigns that have led to big box office successes including Joker, Shazam !, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and It Chapter Two. During that past year, he took part in Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984’s agile international theatrical outings during the pandemic. Previously, Julien spent four years at 20th Century Fox leading the international digital marketing team before becoming executive vice president of global digital marketing, working on campaigns like Deadpool, the greatest showman and Bohemian Rhapsody. He also spent five years at The Walt Disney Company in various leadership roles, including Senior Vice President, International Digital Marketing, working for all of the studio’s major labels.

On March 15, Julien will join our team in Los Angeles, where he will report to me, serve as a member of the senior international cabinet with Veronika Kwan Vandenberg and Niels Swinkels and work closely in all marketing functions with Dwight Caines, president of inside marketing. . Julien will also work closely with our territorial offices around the world to ensure that we continue to optimize for success everywhere.

I must continue to salute Simon Hewlett, both for his incredible accomplishments as a leader in international marketing over the past seven years and for his partnership as we further consolidate our teams into an integrated and globalized structure. During Simon’s tenure, Universal’s international performance grew into a cohesive industrial powerhouse, and the campaigns he oversaw stood out for both thoroughness and innovation that enabled Universal to prevail. competition, time and time again. Simon just couldn’t make the permanent transition to LA, but I’m so grateful he’s left all summer to ensure continuity when we’re aboard Julien. It’s just great to have him with him and I enjoyed working with him and learning from him as a partner so much.

While I often share this sentiment with the group, it bears repeating: we have by far the best marketing team in the business, and I know that the continued success of our studio, even under these unprecedented conditions, is in large part. the result of their efforts. I’m proud to have called Universal home for over two decades, but never more than now, as this group has shown that you can make the most of tough circumstances if you have talent, courage, agility and teamwork. This gang has them all.

Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Julien to Universal!


PREVIOUS EXCLUSIVE, January 7: Sources tell me that Julien Noble, EVP International Marketing at Warner Bros., is leaving the studio and is in talks for a similar role at Universal.

I understand Noble announced yesterday that they are leaving their Warner Bros. global marketing team. and that he will be leaving Warners in mid-February.

Noble has apparently been negotiating its release since late last year, and I’m told it’s unrelated to today’s news, that the fidgetcube has broken, from the former global marketing boss d ‘Uni, Josh Goldstine, named president of global marketing for Warner Bros.

Noble’s background at Warners includes international marketing campaigns for Tenet, Wonder Woman 1984, Highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, over $ 1 billion Joker; It: Chapter 2, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Shazam.

Uni has been on the hunt for an international marketing president since it was announced in October that Simon Hewlett was planning to leave the studio. Hewlett is based in London and Uni was looking to integrate its global marketing and distribution operations from Los Angeles.

Noble arrived at Warners in January 2019, under the direction of then Marketing Director Blair Rich. Prior to Warner Bros, Noble worked at 20th Century Fox where he was EVP, Worldwide Digital, working on award winning campaigns for the dead Pool and X Men franchises as well as The greatest showman, Logan and ultimate 4 Oscar winner Bohemian Rhapsody. Noble also served as Fox Digital’s Senior Vice President, International. Previously, he spent seven years at Walt Disney Studios in the UK and US in various roles, most recently as Vice President, Global Digital and Publicity, where he worked on titles such as The Avengers press releases and Frozen. Noble cut his teeth in entertainment in France at 20e Century Fox as Head of New Media. He is multilingual and graduated from INSEEC School of Communication (known as Sup de Pub in France) and Pigier, Aix en Provence.

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