Judge bond for half of couple – Deadline

Food Network’s winner Ariel Robinson’s husband America’s Worst Cooks The season 20 competition had its bond set at $ 150,000 on Friday by the presiding judge.

Jerry “Austin” Robinson will be under house arrest, GPS monitored and will have no contact with anyone under the age of 18 as a condition of his release.

He and his wife face homicide over child abuse charges in the January death of their 3-year-old daughter, Victoria “Tori” Smith. Ariel Robinson remains imprisoned in the case. Smith died in a South Carolina hospital on January 14 after being found unresponsive at the couple’s home in Simpsonville, SC.

The arrest warrants claimed the Robinsons had inflicted a “series of blunt wounds” on Smith. The couple initially claimed the child was choking after drinking too much water. Later that day, Ariel Robinson told police that Smith’s 7-year-old brother had bruised his body, according to court testimony.

Food Network prepares the “ Chopped 420 ” contest of the Cannabis Cooking series

Austin Robinson told police Ariel hit Smith with a belt the day she was found unresponsive. Austin Robinson told police he could hear him from outside and when he got inside he told Ariel, “You’ve gone too far.

Austin Robinson also told authorities that Ariel Robinson would spank and beat Victoria. She was also often upset with how long it took the 3-year-old to eat, Deputy Prosecutor Christy Kednocker-Sustakovich said at the hearing.

Kednocker-Sustakovich said Austin Robinson told authorities Victoria was treated worse than the other children in the couple’s care. Kednocker-Sustakovich told the court that Austin Robinson had cooperated with authorities since his arrest.

Austin Robinson’s attorney said his client was “extremely remorseful” and was ready to testify if the case went to trial.

The Food Network ended Season 20 when the murder was first revealed.

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