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“The Nevers” began in London in 1896, when a strange event (ahem, the alien fish boat glittering magic dust on people) is transforming people across the country. (Question: Did this event also happen outside of London? How did it affect the world as a whole?) The people – mostly women – who took in this strange substance started to develop inexplicable powers, and three years later, society is divided over what to do about the Turned. Government agents, such as the former soldier who became Lord Gilbert Massen (Pip Torrens), who became anti-union and hatred for equality, are obsessed with their eradication and view their existence as an act of war against the monarchy. Police detectives, like Inspector Frank Mundi (Ben Chaplin), intend to bring law and order to the streets; He pursues the serial killer Sickness, from which Turn draws the power of Pain, over five murders. The spoiled rich, like Hugo Swann (James Norton), want to use the Turned to line their own pockets; her dream is to expand her sex club where these women and men work, attracting clients who are turned on by their powers. And countless other people are also anti-reverse: parents who believe their changed daughters have possessed the devil; workers who think the Turned are going to steal their jobs; and store owners who think the Turned will infect their other employees.

Mrs. True and Penance, who together run the St. Romaulda Orphanage with the help of benefactress Lavinia Bidlow (Olivia Williams), attempt to navigate all the enemies. Their orphanage is a bustling place that accepts Turneds of all ages, and the female couple pay for the protection and information of the local gangster the Beggar King (Nick Frost), who occasionally passes on details of another child. or transformed adult he hears. sure. The pilot episode follows Ms True and Penance as they foil a kidnapping attempt on young Matilda (Viola Prettejohn), who is able to speak in all languages ​​except English, by masked and armed villains whose face seems encased in wax. Over the next three episodes, this team’s motives, what they are trying to find out about the Turneds, and what they are trying to unearth in London are sparingly revealed. But “The Nevers” struggles to create a rhythm when it overloads each episode with so much other detail and goes through the story so quickly.

In the first four episodes alone, we get: a forbidden romance for Mrs. True, a connection between her and Sickness, a disagreement between her and Penance over how the Turneds should treat humans (clearly another “X-” type storyline. Men ‘which will come throughout the season), and a strange communication intended only for Mrs. True which is transmitted by an unconscious transformed woman who comes to Mrs. True for protection. There are shadows around Mundi and attempts at blackmail; Illness, seemingly insane, revealing details of her plan that make no sense, but somehow result in many deaths; and the associates of Sickness turning against her and one against another. There are operas and parties and secret meetings, chess matches and orgies and duels, bar fights and experimental procedures and double crossovers. “The Nevers” doesn’t want a narrative, but it feels like Whedon is throwing out all the ideas of “Buffy” he’s had together – women mistaking pain for fun, female friendships based on wacky sides and oppositional personalities, with condescending men despising women in every way possible – and hoping that a party would gel. “If you can look a man in the eye, you can stab him in the eye,” said one of Ms. True’s classmates. “The Nevers” should have been devoted to this misandrist idea rather than this hybrid of “X-Men”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, which, for four hours, looks like a copy of a copy of a copy.

Four episodes reviewed for review.

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