Joseph Mallozzi to adapt ‘Powder Mage’ fantasy novel into TV series – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Joseph Mallozzi, Hulu sci-fi drama showrunner Utopia falls, set to adapt Brian McClellan’s fantasy novels Powder mage for television.

The writer / producer, who produced several shows in the Stargate universe, teamed up with Canadian production companies No Equal Entertainment, making Laura Vandervoort Bitten, and Baroness Von sketch show producer Frantic Films on the project.

Mallozzi will write the pilot episode of the hour-long drama, with a view to presenting a series. It will start with the Blood promise book in McClellan’s Powder Mage universe.

The drama series will be set in the Nine Nations, a fictional world in which magic collides with 18th century technology against a backdrop of political and social revolution. At the heart of the story are the Powder Mages, unique individuals who gain magical abilities from common gunpowder.

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The series is a fight for survival as the mythical gods return to the fight for a world that has changed in their absence. It will feature epic battles, cruel magic, jaw-dropping duels, cunning political maneuvers, fearless investigators, and shocking betrayals.

the Powder mage The trilogy was first released in 2013 and has sold over 700,000 copies. Mallozzi will perform the production with JB Sugar of No Equal, Jamie Brown of Frantic and McClellan.

Mallozzi said, “I am more than excited to be working with JB Sugar and Frantic Films to bring a serial adaptation of Brian McClellan’s masterful gunpowder and magic tale to life.

McClellan added, “What struck me about speaking with JB and Joe was not just their professionalism, but their fandom. They love books, and that’s the biggest compliment an author can get. I am absolutely delighted that such a talented group is working to adapt Powder Mage for television. I’m a huge fan of Joe’s work and can’t wait to see what he does to bring this series to life.

“I am delighted to be working with No Equal and Joseph Mallozzi to bring the wonderful epic fantasy novels of Brian McClellan to television audiences. These acclaimed stories are packed with action and compelling characters embedded in the compelling and emerging genre of Flintlock Fantasy. We can’t wait to bring them to the small screen, ”said Jamie Brown, CEO of Frantic Films

“The Powder Mage novels were brought to my attention by Joseph Mallozzi after we had the chance to collaborate on his Dark Matter series. I’m excited to be working with him again, and with our partners at Frantic, to adapt McClellan’s rich story universe and unique brand of fantasy into a long-standing series, ”added JB Sugar, President of No Equal Entertainment.

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