Johnny Depp Takes ACLU to Court to Prove Amber Heard Lied About $ 7 Million Donation; Questions if Elon Musk paid for it!

The divorce battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard now drags the ACLU (Photo credit: Getty, Wikipedia)

Johnny Depp had everything at stake, his image, his career as well as his personal life. In a serious turn of events, the cast lost the libel lawsuit against The Sun last year. The court said the ‘wife batsman’ allegations were not defamatory, which affected his great career team. While Amber Heard landed new roles, the ex-husband was even kicked out of Fantastic Beasts 3, despite a day of filming.

Although the libel case is lost, there is still a silver lining. Johnny is doing everything in his power to win the $ 50 million Defamation lawsuit against Heard’s 2018 editorial in the Washington Post. And if that forces him to drag a nonprofit organization, so be it!

Yes, that is exactly what is happening. As most know, Amber Heard has pledged to donate the $ 7 million American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital divorce settlement sum. A few months later, the ACLU even released a public statement directly confirming the donation of a respective amount. But as for Johnny Depp, he is not convinced!

Johnny Depp thinks Amber Heard is lying about paying the divorce money to charity. In fact, he thinks it was his then boyfriend Elon Musk who came to the rescue and paid on his behalf. To get to the bottom of it all, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued ACLU.

According to court documents, Johnny, “respectfully requests that the Court make an order directing ACLU witnesses to comply fully with subpoenas.”

The document continues that the subpoenas are for “discovery regarding any donation to the ACLU Foundation by or on behalf of Ms. Heard, and / or any public statement relating to such donations; communications with Ms. Heard or persons acting on her behalf regarding her relationship with Mr. Depp and her divorce from Mr. Depp; finding out about Ms. Heard’s work as the ACLU Foundation “Ambassador” and the design, writing and placement of the opinion piece; and communications with Ms. Heard or those acting on her behalf regarding Virginia’s action and the preparation and submission of the Wizner Declaration. “

Johnny Depp even believes that the decision of the defamation trial was largely influenced by the judge who allowed himself to be influenced by the charitable acts of Amber Heard. And now he’s trying to knock him down!

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