Johnny Depp dangerous for Amber Heard?

According to disturbing new statements, Johnny Depp would have launched a very disturbing sentence just after his marriage to Amber Heard.

The trial continues and so do the damning statements. If it was recently learned that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had offered drugs to their wedding guests, the shocking revelations did not end there. Just after his union, the actor would have said a sentence heavy with meaning concerning his ex-wife according to the statements of his witness, the writer iO Tillett Wright. When questioned at the stand, the author confessed to the court: “The first thing Johnny said to me after the ceremony, as we were walking towards the reception, was’ Now I can hit him in the face and no one can do anything about it. ‘ He probably said it as a joke. But it’s a joke if it’s not true – and at that time, I knew he was hitting him. ”

During his testimony, iO Tillett Wright continued, “I knew that Johnny and Amber’s relationship was explosive and that there was a lot of verbal and emotional abuse between them. But it wasn’t until late 2013, early 2014 that I knew he was physically abusive with him. (…) Amber told me that she kept Johnny’s abuse a secret to protect him as she hoped she could fix his addiction problems. She was proud, she wanted to protect herself from criticism but she was also embarrassed and knew she would be told to leave him, which she was not ready to do. ” New accusations that will be controversial. Like those of Amber Heard who revealed that Johnny Depp had taken him hostage in addition to threatening him with death during their shift.

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