John Oliver calls on viewers to tackle misinformation about COVID-19 vaccine – Deadline

After a week’s break, John Oliver returned to Last week tonight via “the void” to deliver its informative segment dispelling myths about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The United States is currently experiencing a sharp drop in coronavirus cases and an increasing vaccination rate. With a steady supply of vaccines, the United States is avoiding the fate of other ill-equipped countries like India, which recently broke the world record of more than 400,000 daily cases of COVID. More than half of American adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine and hope for normalcy appears to be on the horizon.

However, Oliver noted, there have recently been an alarming number of people just not wanting to get the shot. He cited a 20% drop in vaccinations since the start of April and aired a series of local news clips in which vaccination sites across the United States are having trouble meeting their appointments. . It is also a pressing problem due to the fact that vaccines have a certain shelf life.

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This problem, Oliver said, stemmed from the amount of misinformation being spread online by anti-vaxxers, people who oppose vaccinations.

Oliver expressed sympathy for hesitant communities of color who in the past had bitter issues with vaccinations (e.g., the Tuskegee Syphilis study) and instead turned his focus to conservative groups, colloquially this time around. , on Tucker Carlson.

An unrolled montage of the Fox News host continually asking mundane and rhetorical questions while squinting at the camera, expressing skepticism about the vaccine’s effectiveness and the CDC’s authority.

He immediately rips Carlson apart, says Fox News host “Doesn’t need to convince people he’s right – he just needs to convince people that no one is.” Oliver blames Carlson for his vaccination skepticism, after which he calls him “the Duke of Frozen Dinner with a TV Show” and “Frightened Baboon with a crumpled face.”

Oliver tried to dispel myths surrounding the vaccine, such as the false viral claim that Bill Gates is trying to insert microchips into Americans and that the vaccine’s mRNA would harm the body and cause infertility.

He notes that he received his second vaccine earlier in the week and has testified that he has not experienced any major side effects.

The host ended his segment with a calm call to action this week, urging viewers to be individually responsible for getting the vaccine and to assuage the qualms of others about the vaccine.

“I have two words for you,” Oliver said, mimicking an anti-vaxxer from the start of the segment. “Please try as hard as you can.”

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