John Oliver blows up Tucker Carlson’s Dr Seuss Rant – Deadline

John Olver had a lot to unpack like Last week tonight hits his first birthday in the white void. For those new to the HBO show, production on Oliver’s show has moved to this mysterious space at the height of the pandemic, which has proven to be quite entertaining and enjoyable. As much as I would love to see the show return to the studio, there is a peaceful solace in seeing Oliver wrap up the news for the week in the white void.

Nonetheless, amid growing scandals from Andrew Cumos and moderate Democrats killing hopes of a $ 15 minimum wage, Oliver began by commenting on the opening of some spaces as cases of Covid-19 began to decline and that the vaccine was slowly gaining ground. He specifically focused on how the Milwaukee Bucks began welcoming limited fans to his stadium with a bottle of hand sanitizer. In the news footage we see a lot of people getting squirted by said animated bottle that Oliver was joking about – a lot of them were inappropriate, but hey this is HBO and they were very funny.

UTLA members overwhelmingly vote not to return to classrooms until demands are met

This led to a discussion of Texas and Mississippi removing government Covid restrictions this week. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the decrease in hospitalizations and the increase in vaccinations meant state warrants were no longer needed. He said businesses can fully open up and he ended the Texas mask tenure.

“Well, that’s completely stupid,” Oliver said bluntly. “Lifting all restrictions is ridiculous when we are still in the middle of a pandemic.” This leaves it up to companies to decide whether or not they would need masks.

He continued: “The point is that leaving it to individuals to ‘behave responsibly’ is likely to cause immediate problems, because while companies can still require people to wear masks, the lack of a mandate from the government could make it difficult.

In addition to lifting Texas restrictions on Covid-palooza, the Senate passed the Covid Relief Bill while FBI Director Christopher Wray gave testimony identifying white supremacists who participated in the insurrection of January 6. He also debunked a conspiracy theory that left-wing radicals posing as Trump supporters participated in the insurgency. Oliver said it was astonishing that Wray had to debunk a conspiracy theory that was clearly wrong.

Many networks covered the hearing live as Fox News barely touched on it because, as Oliver points out, they were too busy focusing on the ban on Dr. Seuss’ books, which was also making headlines. this week. Some of the popular children’s author’s books will no longer be published due to their outdated and offensive portrayal of certain cultures. A right-wing commentator called the book ban “fascism.”

“Given how forcefully all of these commentators have defended these books, it’s worth knowing exactly what exactly they’re defending,” Oliver said. Images from the books that will no longer be published include one that contained a caricature of an Asian man who was originally yellow and called “Chinese” as well as drawings of monkeys representing peoples of Africa.

“Are these things that we really want to fight for the kids to see?” Oliver asked. “To be honest I’m sick of showing them to you now, and just three minutes ago I was more than happy to submit you to a cum storm in a basketball arena.”

He continued, “The point is, these pictures are crass, which is probably why, for the most part, Fox didn’t show them.” Instead, Fox’s Tucker Carlson focused on the books that aren’t in question, including Seuss’s. Sneezing so he can play his favorite ‘liberals are the real racists’ game.

Carlson said the book teaches children that “we are all the same” and that color blindness is necessary. During his report, Carlson insisted that this is why the “awakening forces” hate him and that the “cancellation” of Dr. Seuss is an attempt to rid America of it. a certain mid-century culture that “defended color blindness.”

After a few chosen words, Oliver fought back Carlson’s thoughts. “It’s a little strange to claim that mid-century American culture championed color blindness when the signs of the times explicitly demanded otherwise.” He said this as a photo of separate water fountains from that era flashed on the screen.

“In fact, to the extent that someone is trying to eliminate certain parts of American culture, it is those parts that perpetuate racism, xenophobia, and bigotry,” Oliver said. “But it’s not hard to see why Tucker would be so anxious to talk about Dr Seuss this week because if he was talking about the testimony of Christopher Wray, of the white supremacists involved in the attack on the capital, it would have contradicted that that he was. telling his viewers for weeks now like, “There is no evidence that white supremacists are responsible for what happened on January 6th … that is a lie.”

“The conservative media have fallen back on their classic playbook of distracting themselves from important issues with bullsh * t culture wars,” Oliver said. “It’s incredibly lazy and terribly efficient. And the point is, no matter how many times I see them doing it, it never fails to feel completely disgusted and like I have no way to clean myself. As soon as Oliver said this, he was then attacked by an animated bottle of hand sanitizer.

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