John Oliver Asks Biden To Take On Immigration Reform, Discovers Nursing Home Old West – Deadline

John Oliver kicked off tonight’s episode by recalling that Prince Philip, the male heir to the British throne who died last week, is married to his cousin.

“That’s right. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are cousins ​​who got married later – also known as meet-cute Giuliani,” Oliver joked.

The host continued to sow dust on Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and the federal investigation into his sex trafficking. The latest development involves the Daily beastGaetz’s discovery of Gaetz’s Venmo transaction history detailing a payment of $ 900 via an affair with three women under notes such as “Tuition” and “School.” Oliver offered wise advice to the now embarrassed politician: “Venmo is for one thing and one thing: to make judgments about a friend’s spending habits while obsessed with wild financial mysteries.”

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Oliver then turned his focus to the US refugee admissions program. After gutting Trump on his discriminatory eligibility limits, Oliver likened Biden’s inaction to his inconsistent speech and released excerpts from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, avoiding reporters’ questions about the Biden’s pledge to increase refugee admission limits.

“Rest assured that we are committed to getting you to Orlando eventually, we just can’t say where your plane is, why it’s taking so long, or what year you might arrive,” Oliver said, mimicking what Psaki would look like. to a Spirit Airlines Gate Agent.

Oliver goes on to explain the terrible limbo in which many refugees exist due to the president’s passivity. “More than 35,000 already [are] approved for relocation here, but until Biden signs off on that determination, they’re beholden to Trump’s low admission cap and bullshit racist rules. According to Oliver, approval for refugee resettlement has been around for some time. If they unfortunately expire, refugees have to start the paperwork all over again. And, even with the approval, refugees do not appear to be able to embark at this time in their approved resettlement city. After Oliver describes all of this, he explains that the simple fix is ​​the quick swipe of the president’s quill.

“It’s high time for him to lean over his, grab a pen and do the right thing,” Oliver said.

In need of comedic relief after a rant on a serious international crisis, a mounting of the biggest questions asked about Yahoo! The answers are read on the screen. The silliness of each question is shown against a backdrop of luscious shots of nature with the aria from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 playing.

Oliver then devotes the majority of his program to dissecting the lack of federal oversight over nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The highlight of this segment includes a clip in which a woman and a girl discuss how they learned to provide home health care through trial and error.

“There are some things you can expect to learn through trial and error: solve a puzzle, learn to pronounce Tambourine’s name on Saturday, or choose a hairstyle. But providing medical care shouldn’t be part of it. these things”. Oliver said.

Oliver notes that people who do not send their loved one to a facility provide services on their own, usually unpaid. Oliver offers a staggering statistic: The total amount of family caregivers lost in wages amounts to $ 67 billion per year – a workforce that, if paid, would be comparable to Bulgaria’s GDP.

People who cannot afford a retirement home or who do not have loved ones to care for them usually end up in a long-term care facility. It divides its segment to focus on the two types of long-term care units – nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Oliver notes how nursing homes suffer from a lack of staff, training and funding. Situations can be so extreme that, in one clip, the employees came out to discuss how they, the hosts, are embarrassed about their jobs.

“I’m not even embarrassed about my job and just three minutes ago I joked about fucking a plate. It wasn’t even a joke, ”Oliver laughed at him.

Oliver explains the complex system in which nursing homes distinguish between patients with Medicare and those with Medicaid. Each program reimburses nursing homes differently, and overcharging occurs frequently, resulting in a litany of lawsuits.

When focusing on federal oversight of these nursing homes, Oliver immediately reveals how ill-equipped the government is to regulate this industry. While there is a public list of facilities that regularly break regulations, it should be capped at 88 as there is no money to include more. On top of that, the other criteria on the lists like number of employees and quality metrics are self-reported, exposing a massive loophole in how this industry works.

“Garbage inside and out. It is pathetic. Something as important as our nursing home rating system shouldn’t follow the same rule as all the recipes on the Velveeta website. There’s no way either of them is good, ”Oliver ruled.

The most obvious and shocking example of the lack of federal oversight over long-term care facilities, particularly assisted living, came when Oliver showed an assisted living facility in Florida where one of his patients had unwittingly fallen into a pond of alligators. Their fate seems rather obvious.

“Honestly, I don’t know where to start. But I guess I would start with, why would anyone put an assisted living facility next to an af * cking alligator pond. That seems like the kind of detail that needs to be included at the end of one of Brookdale’s heartwarming commercials, ”said an exasperated Oliver.

He continued to tell the horrific stories of assisted living with patients who commit suicide, freeze to death and self-immolate themselves.

Oliver’s call to action this week was to pass nationwide reform starting with the HCBS Access Act of 2021, which would make home and community care a right under Medicaid.

He says this issue is of the utmost importance because our collective treatment of these people reveals our greatest national ghosts.

“It all starts by showing that we care about what happens to seniors and people with disabilities in this country. Right now, the evidence shows that this is absolutely not the case and that all the other issues follow from it. The more we continue to ignore, the worse it will get. It’s an industry where people are literally eaten alive, ”Oliver concluded.

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