John Oliver addresses Andrew Cuomo scandals – Deadline

Andrew Cuomo has been through some things this week so considering Last week tonight wanted to keep things hyper local on Sunday night, John Oliver decided to unbox some of the scandals facing the New York governor whom he describes as a man whose face, build and general demeanor always seem to scream “Business Frankenstein.” .

Recently, the Cuomo administration has come under fire for the way it has handled data on Covid-related deaths in nursing homes. In a 76-page report from the New York attorney general, he says they underreported nursing home deaths by nearly 50%.

This scandal stems from a directive from Cuomo made in March, asking nursing homes to accept Covid-positive patients to free up hospital beds.

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“It would be bad enough, but since then his administration has tried to minimize the consequences of this action,” Oliver said. He also said they released a report last July that essentially accused nursing home staff of infecting residents. Cuomo’s aide recently told lawmakers they were actively hiding data on Covid deaths for fear it would be used against them by federal prosecutors.

This caused huge problems and after a Democratic lawmaker Ron Kim made a statement about it to the press Cuomo was not happy about it. Oliver cut to a clip where Kim was asked to cover the cover and Cuomo berated him. The governor has since refused this call with Kim. However, Oliver points out that people who have dealt with Cuomo in the past have said it looks exactly like him.

“Cuomo is known to be rude,” Oliver said. “He is said to have a ‘don’t scream’ list which a former aide says is very small and just this week a former aide accused him of sexual harassment, a claim he denies.”

“Even before the current scandals, there was something disgusting about Cuomo’s joy in his public adulation last year,” said Oliver, who cited even more examples, including Cuomo’s appearances with his brother. on CNN, his co-signature of the term “cuomosexual” and a book he published last October on the lessons he learned from the still ongoing pandemic.

At press conferences in the past, Oliver mentions that Cuomo likes to rely heavily on facts and quotes, especially from a man named AJ Parkinson – a man who doesn’t exist.

Oliver said that Parkinson’s doesn’t exist because it was composed by Cuomo’s biggest, former governor and “cosplayer Kevin Spacey” Mario Cuomo. It turns out that the name “AJ Parkinson” was a joke between Mario Cuomo and the press. “While it may have been lovely back then, the current Cuomo is denouncing it during a pandemic when hardly anyone understands that it’s a joke is a pretty weird move,” Oliver said.

He goes on to say that Cuomo is not circulating false quotes. “But that sounds like a pretty apt metaphor for an administration that has aggressively handled the facts to fit the chosen reality,” Oliver said.

All of this reminded Oliver of an insightful saying he shares: “Andrew Cuomo is a colossal hole,” Oliver said, adding that it was from an excellent writer named TJ Pimpernickle.

“I can tell you two things about TJ Pimpernickle,” Oliver shares. “One, he’s a person that I totally made up and two, he’s also absolutely right about Andrew Cuomo.”

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