John Krasinski can’t escape Jim and Pam from the office in the monologue – Deadline

John Krasinski launched the first Saturday Night Live 2021 attempting to exceed its reputation as OfficeIt’s Jim.

While the role in the NBC comedy launched Krasinski to stardom, he appears to have followed him to the stage at Studio 8H, where he made his debut as a host. He began his opening monologue by expressing his gratitude for his debut – until he was interrupted by Alex Moffat, who called Krasinski “Jim” and asked about his relationship with “Pam” (Jenna Fischer).

References to the romance of the will-or-they-will Office continued throughout the opening monologue, along with other SNL members of the cast asking about the television couple. Ego Nwodim didn’t have much of a question, but instead said “Jim, you look different.”

“You have to stop him, Jim is gentle,” Nwodim replied to the actor, saying he was working for Jack ryan. “When you touch Jim, your hand goes in like memory foam.”

Forgiven by further questions about Jim and Pam, Krasinski found company with Pete Davidson, who explains his members’ strange obsession with the couple.

“I’m sorry for that, I think everyone got punched inside for a year watching Office nonstop, ”Davidson said.

When Kenan Thompson asks if Davidson is Pam, the SNL star says it’s worth giving the audience what they want – a kiss between Jim and Pam. Intrigued by the increasing demands, Davidson and Krasinski share a kiss.

“Kiss Pam, kiss Pam,” sing Moffat, Thompson and Nwodim.

Machine Gun Kelly was the musical guest on the Saturday night episode.

See Krasinski’s monologue above.

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