Joe Russo shares his excitement for the long-awaited upcoming sequel

Joe Russo says they’re excited about Extract 2 (Photo credit – Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth Extraction released in April of last year. The Netflix movie was directed by Sam Hargrave and got 99 million views in just 4 weeks.

Ever since Extraction started streaming on Netflix, fans have been eagerly awaiting a sequel. Why not? The film had an open ending. Even the makers have already talked about plans for a sequel.

According to We Got This Covered, Sam spoke about Extraction 2 earlier this year and said he couldn’t wait to get back on set. He also revealed that he would start filming later this year and added that Joe Russo was busy writing the film. The filmmaker also revealed that the standard of action should go a notch higher.

Sam Hargrave said: “It still is, COVID pending. That’s kind of everyone’s little caveat right now, but we’re moving forward like we’re shooting fall. Joe Russo is still finalizing the script. We are all delighted to read it. I’ve read different iterations, but I’m so excited to read what he says. We all can’t wait to get back on the saddle and hopefully start another action-packed adventure in the Extraction universe.

Now none other than Joe Russo has spoken about the Extraction sequel. Russo, who has been busy promoting Tom Holland star Cherry, recently said according to Just Jared, “We’re really excited about Extraction 2,” he also added that part of this movie will also be shot. in Australia.

Interestingly, last year a group of Nigerian kids recreated the trailer for Extraction and left the Russo Brothers amazed. Sharing the video on Twitter, they wrote: “This is awesome! We would love to welcome you to the premiere of #Extraction 2… DM us and we’ll take you there! “

Besides Chris Hemsworth who starred in Extraction, the film also starred Indian actors Randeep Hooda, Pankaj Tripathi in prominent roles.

Are you excited for Extraction 2?

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