Jin shows his romantic side with ARMY

The idol responded to his fans’ flirtations in a fun way. BTS’s Jin becomes a heart breaker and conquers ARMY with the most romantic phrases.

The boys highly value the time they interact with ARMY and due to the cancellation of their 2020 tour, they do their best to keep in touch with them and share their day to day, they even show their love skills, we tell you the details.

Through the Weverse platform, Jin decided to answer the comments he received from fans, who do not hesitate to tell him that they miss him and how much they love him. The idol has been busy making a new hobby and it could be his new weapon of conquest.

An ARMY would be willing to be everything for him,that’s why, in one of the publications they joked about being an inanimate object like a punching bag so that Jin could practice, the idol, faithful to his style, simply said:Casually I am boxing .

But his romanticism does not end there, ARMY continued to show his affection and shared some photos to tell him that they would buy him food and confess that Jin quickened their hearts, the idol assured that he was a heart steal.

The relationship between ARMY and Jin is very sincere, both do not hesitate to show how much they love each other, as the support of the fans has always been important to BTS.

Jin also joked and said it was a heart massage machine . His romantic side does not hesitate to appear when he receives praise from the girls, turning that phrase into an opportunity to steal his heart.

On social networks, ARMY also shared videos of Jin making boxing gestures, because they did not know that he was the new idol hobby and they could not help but imagine what he would be like in his role as a fighter.

He is not only a conqueror, he is also Worldwide Handomse, demonstrating great security and self-esteem, therefore, we leave you a list with 7 moments where Jin demonstrated why he considers himself the most handsome boy.

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