Jin makes the ARMY fall in love with this retro look Daddy!

BTS’s Jin has fallen in love with the ARMY by sporting a retro look in the first official teaser for Dynamite’s music video.

Kim Seok-Jin fell in love with the ARMY thanks to the retro look he used in the first teaser of the music video for ‘Dynamite’, the new BTS single that will be available on all digital platforms starting next August 21; That is why the name of the band has become a trend on social networks since the early hours of today.

The waiting time for BTS to unveil their new song internationally and with it a new musical era arrives is less and less, because today Big Hit Entertainment surprised the entire ARMY by publishing the first teaser for ‘Dynamite ‘, which in addition to showing us the concept of the MV, also let us listen to a few seconds of the song.

This clip has managed to cause a furor in all social networks, because just 6 hours after being published it already exceeds 12 million visits and 2.2 million likes on the YouTube platform, something that undoubtedly proves the impact of the Bangtan Boys all over the world, even if it’s only a 30 second video.

Jin falls in love in ‘Dynamite’ teaser

The teaser unveiled new looks of the boys and that is something that ARMY did not let go unnoticed, especially the retro outfit of Jin, who in this MV decided to show off his title of Mr. Worldwide Handsome wearing only a white shirt, a shirt and pants in pastel colors.

His outfit managed to make the ARMY fall in love because the idol looks more handsome than ever and if we combine it with the fact that in the ‘Dynamite’ teaser he flaunts his talent as a dancer, there is no doubt that we have the perfect man in front of our eyes.

Did you like Jin’s look in the ‘Dynamite’ MV teaser? Are you ready to hear what’s new from BTS? Leave your answer in the comments.

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