Jin and Suga reappear on Twitter with adorable new photos

The boys shared new photos with ARMY. Jin and Suga reappear on Twitter and surprise ARMY with amazing and adorable photos.

The BTS guys have taken some time off in the middle of promotions for “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, their new Japanese album and the preparations for their next comeback, so they took social media to interact with his fans.

The BTS account on Twtter, Jin and Suga decided to share their most recent photos and tell ARMY about their day. The first to update was Jin, the idol had something very important to show his fans and he was very excited about it:a life-size RJ.

RJ is the BT21 character who represents Jin, for whom he has shown great love and last year confessed that he made the request to the company to have agiant alpaca and although he received no response, Jin received the gift unexpectedly.

In the photo, Jin poses next to the giant RJ and assured that it is the only one in the world and it was made for him, although faithful to his style, he joked that if it ended up for sale in the market it was entirely his fault. LOL For his part, Suga caused ARMY’s euphoria with the new selca he published.

Recently, the idol revealed his new look change, now he sports his hair a little shorter on the sides and long on top. Suga’s update was only to talk about the weather, since in the middle of the summer it is very hot in South Korea.

Suga sported a beige shirt as well as light pupils that gave a very attractive look, which caused the euphoria of ARMY on social media, positioning the name of Min Yoongi in the trends.

The boys try to keep in touch with their fans despite the distance, since the group will not be able to resume their group activities until 2021, so the promotions they are carrying out will be online.

Recently, RM also shared that his academic training continues to be perfected, so his studies in English undoubtedly continue, the idol seeks to improve in that language in order to communicate with his fans.

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