Jin and Jungkook make ARMY fall in love with funny video

BTS’s Jin and Jungkook have made the ARMY fall in love with this hilarious video.

There is no day that the talented boys of BTS manage to become a trend in social networks and this time we will tell you about a video that has gone viral among the ARMY because it shows Jin and Jungkook starring in a very funny moment .

Jin, Jungkook, V, RM, Jimin, J-Hope and Suga have established themselves as the most popular artists of the moment internationally, which is why it is not surprising that everything they do goes viral, especially if we consider that These idols are characterized by being so spontaneous, something that undoubtedly makes the ARMY fall in love with.

Within this successful group there are great friendships, one of them is that of Jin and Jungkook, who on more than one occasion have fascinated the fandom with the funny moments they star in front of the camera, which manage to make more than one laugh out loud.

Look at the funny faces of Jin and Jungkook!

A video circulates on Twitter that shows Kim Seok-jin and Jungkook trying to make crossed eyes but the only thing they managed was to roll their eyes, then we see how their companions laugh while they keep trying again and again.

This clip soon went viral on all social networks and ARMY did not hesitate to react, because according to BTS fans, seeing these charismatic idols compete with each other to see who of the two squints first is something extremely fun and charming ….

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