Jin and his rainbow hair, which one do you like the most?

BTS’s Jin’s hair has gone through several color changes. See here all the looks of the idol.

Most of the members of BTS have dyed their hair many different colors during their artistic career, but one of the ones that has used the most colors is Jin, who has gone through purple, pink, blonde, brown, black and even blue and the truth is, it always looks amazing.

This idol makes it clear that with any color or any haircut or style he can look magnificent and above all, he is sure of his great beauty which he shows in every photograph, dance, video, interview and every time he goes on stage. That is why he always says that his nickname is “Worldwide Handsome”.

Here below we leave you the different looks of Jin so that you can think about which is your favorite.

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Jin with pink hair

Jin with blue hair

Jin with purple hair

Chestnut jin

jin with black hair

Jin blond

Jin’s personality

Jin has a logical personality, these people pride themselves on their unique qualities. They are dreamers, creative and enthusiastic when it comes to identifying and solving problems. Detailed, full of energy, full of ideas and thoughts. They are quite relaxed and personable when they are with people they know or who share their interests.

In each interview he does, he is observed very smiling and likes to interact with people, an example of this was the interview with James Corden where despite not hearing or understanding what they were talking about in front, he told Suga that they laugh to “pretend they understand”, and enter the conversation. Without a doubt this man is very nice. Do not you believe it?

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