Jimmy Kimmel rips into ‘cowardly’ GOP senators hesitant to impeach Trump – Deadline

Hearings for Donald Trump’s historic second indictment began on Tuesday, but with the former president absent from the trial, Jimmy Kimmel said the political event was far from exciting.

“This trial is boring,” he said on Tuesday. “I want to see Donald Trump watch him. This is where the action takes place.

Like a number of late-night hosts, Kimmel was quick to point out Trump’s defense attorney Bruce Castor Jr.’s lengthy speech as he spoke, for what appeared to be an extended period, Castor took a number of tangents – rambling on about his Washington DC experience, the constitution and other matters that appeared to be indirectly related to the issue at hand.

Kimmel added that with their two presentations, Castor and David Schoen “sucked all the oxygen out of the room.” Although the late-night host found humor in the lackluster performance of Trump’s defense team, he expressed frustration with GOP Senators including Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, who still support the argument that impeaching the ex-president is unconstitutional.

“They are too scared to do the right thing because Trump and his bag of boiled nuts will target them then,” he said. “They saw what happened to Mike Pence and they’re scared. The sad truth is, they are cowards.

See his opening monologue below.

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